Fab on a mushroom

Interview of Fab, founding member of Easy As Carpooling

Dedicated to providing secure carpooling service to travelers looking forward to exploring the magnificence of New Zealand, Easy As Carpooling started providing carpooling services in 2018. Having experienced the ease of transport that carpooling...
Three Women Sitting In Rear Seat Of Car On Road Trip

Why we offer Ladies only rides?

In any society especially in a progressive democratic one, people have choices. People want to exercise their right to choose, and the same goes for carpooling. While New Zealand is a very safe country...
Accounting blur business

How much to charge when you carpool?

The main reason behind opting for Carpooling is to cut off costs which might be incurred by different individuals while traveling from one place to another. This brings out another aspect related to the...
Who is behind Easy As Carpooling

Who is behind Easy As Carpooling?

The company Easy As Carpooling was created in 2017 in Auckland. We are four New Zealanders from Europe who have been incredibly blessed with the opportunity to work and live in this beautiful country. We...
Ladies only

How it works, Ladies only

Our website allows many users to travel from one city to another, reducing their travel costs by sharing the road with others. Either you are the driver or you are sitting in the passenger...

We were on Jesse Mulligan show

We were in town to be on Jesse Mulligan 1pm to 4pm show for our first interview on national radio.   Thanks RNZ for having us, it was a great first interview for us ... and...
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