How do we work on carpoolers’ safety?

One of the important concerns of drivers and passengers before they sign up for carpooling is safety.

Carpoolers sitting on car and taking selfie

One of the important concerns of commuters before they sign up for carpooling is safety. Safety becomes important because strangers come together to form a carpool. The driver is responsible for complying with all statutory regulations while passengers and the driver are responsible for maintaining the decorum while using the carpool resource. Similarly, the carpool service provider such as Easy As is responsible for certifying the authenticity of the driver and carpoolers and also the service.

Authentication process

We authenticate the members through an elaborate but simple process comprising

  • Sign up on the Easy As the website
  • Acceptance of term and conditions of use of the service
  • Automatic email and phone verification
  • Manual photo identity verification – passport, government id, driver license

The authentication process ensures that the members are really who they claim to be.

Code of conduct

The code of conduct is the guide which binds all the members to ensure that they know and understand their responsibilities as drivers or passengers. The code of conduct is one of the important elements in our safety policy. The salient features of the code of conduct include

  • Respect – for appointment times, meeting places, itinerary and preferences of members
  • Dissemination of information – notify delays or impediments by driver and passenger as the case may be, be available on the phone 24 to 1 hour before planned journey
  • Verification – on request by passengers, driver to present a driver license, vehicle registration document and photo identification
  • Trust – passenger to provide the carpool code to the driver prior to taking the journey

When the driver and passengers follow the code of conduct, carpooling becomes safe, beneficial and enjoyable.

Support services

We provide support services that help people to evaluate the carpooling resource and confidently book the service knowing fully in advance what the service is all about and how safe it is to travel with other passengers and the driver. We provide the following services

  • Information – we provide information on the number of trips made, a verified profile of passengers and drivers, who travelled with whom data, mini-bios
  • Rating system – rates both drivers and passengers. Carpoolers can view the ratings and choose the driver as well as fellow passengers
  • Communication platform – internal chat system for organizing road trips easily, customer support phone number, opportunity to talk to prospective fellow passengers through the secure messaging system
  • Women -only ride – to encourage women to carpool women carpoolers can choose women -only rides where the driver and passengers are all women

Our website is fully functional providing all the necessary inputs to convince passengers of the safety of our service.

Other safety measures

We exhort the drivers to follow good driving etiquette to ensure the safety of passengers which include

  • Following all road rules and speed limits
  • Not consuming alcohol or other substances that may impair driving

Besides the above, drivers must guarantee the vehicle’s perfect working condition supported by up to date approval documents from statutory authorities including mandatory insurance coverage.

All these services go to enhance the safety of carpooling resource so that carpoolers can take up carpooling safely to contribute their little bit to save the environment.