Interview of Fab, founding member of Easy As Carpooling

Fab is one of the four founding members of Easy As Carpooling. He holds the position of Business Operations Manager.

Fab on a mushroom

Dedicated to providing secure carpooling service to travelers looking forward to exploring the magnificence of New Zealand, Easy As Carpooling started providing carpooling services in 2018. Having experienced the ease of transport that carpooling offers, the main idea behind Easy As Carpooling was to provide the community with a pocket-friendly as well as a convenient mode of transportation.

Our motto is to inspire people to join with others in their ride and allow them to enjoy this sharing.

Introduce yourself

Born and brought up in Paris, I have always wanted to fulfil my passion of traveling every possible place in this world. But it was my visit to New Zealand which led to the realization that this was the place where I was always meant to be. It has been eight years since I started living in New Zealand. I have visited various destinations in the world in my van as a backpacker. However, I soon realized the convenience that carpooling has provided in several countries. Thus, I decided to offer the same facility to travelers exploring the beauty of New Zealand as I once used to.

What is your background, history and work experience?

I have been a part of the hospitality industry my whole life. My journey started by owning a food truck to introduce delicious galettes and crepes to the people of Auckland. Though it was a fulfilling experience, I had to face different challenges. Now, I am taking up a new challenge; I am starting a new project while keeping few ideas aside for the future.

What is your special connection with New Zealand?

One of the best things about the people of New Zealand that I noticed was the clarity of their heart. They have been very kind and trusting towards me since the beginning. As I arrived in New Zealand from Australia during the summer, I found even the summer to be very cold. However, the warmth that I received from the Kiwis helped me to overcome the cold weather. The lovely people of New Zealand with great values made me fall in love with this beautiful land. I also got the opportunity to learn surfing here as the cold waters of New Zealand made the wet suit bearable. But I have found a new passion these days in exploring the majestic landscapes of New Zealand. So, I want that every zealous explorer travel through the tranquil surroundings of this country with carpooling.

Did you experience carpooling before?

Truth to be told, I did not have the opportunity to experience carpooling yet. While I always have a knack for driving, I never thought of being in the same car or sharing with others. Well, there might be another reason behind it. I had bid farewell to Europe too early in my life; so, I don’t think carpooling was much of a thing at that time in Europe.

Why did you decide to start Easy As Carpooling?

Honestly, I have always loved facing new challenges. So, I felt that it was the right time for me to sell my food truck and meet a new challenge with some extraordinary people surrounding me.

What is your position in the company?

I hold the position of Business Operations Manager. My duty is to introduce new ideas to the table and ensure that everything is working out for our company in the right way thus getting us closer to our goals. As of now, I am focusing on improving the efficiency of our operations while making sure that the productivity keeps increasing. Plus, I am also supervising the existing processes to prevent from getting derailed in any given situation.

What are the challenges for Easy As Carpooling?

Our motto is to inspire people to join with others in their ride and allow them to enjoy this sharing. We are trying to show people that carpooling provides them with a convenient and affordable mode of transportation while offering environmental sustainability.

Do you want to add anything?

In the end, I just want to say that carpooling is a growing concept. At the present day when environmental pollution has become one of the major concerns across the globe, carpooling is a brilliant way to reduce the emissions from vehicles and protect New Zealand from being tarnished by the disease that is pollution. Also, it is affordable even when you are planning on traveling a long distance.