What to check before going into a car?

Being sure that your vehicle is road-trip-ready before you or your co-passenger step-in is essential.

Couple leaning on a car

When you split your expenses by opting to carpool, believe me, you make the best decision of your life. Enjoying the ride with someone rather than traveling alone and at the same time saving a good amount of money is always a good idea. However, being sure that your vehicle is road-trip-ready before you or your co-passenger step-in is essential.

It’s not just a driver that needs to perform a reality check of the car but the passenger as well.

If you are the sailor of your ship

You need to maintain the dignity of carpooling. Abiding by specific rules and maintaining the etiquettes is highly vital while driving. Other than these, you need to perform little homework before starting the journey to make your car perfect for the roads.

Few points that need a check include:

  • Make sure that the oil has been changed – Cars generally require oil change twice a year. Therefore, before commencing the journey, make sure that your car is not overdue for the change. You don’t want to be stuck at any random place, right?
  • Always carry one jump starter – It works perfectly when the car batteries get drained completely. No matter how essential it is to get assistance, a jump starter will always provide you an alternate way to resume the journey.
  • Look for the condition of the tires- If the condition of the tires is perfect, you get the desired grip over the steering and brakes as well. So, keep an eye on the air pressure and tread of the tires of your vehicle.
  • Keep an eye on car fluids- Generally, its only car oil and wiper fluid that is taken care of. However, there are other car fluids as well which need to be checked before starting the road trip. Power steering fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid as well as coolant warrant equal attention.
  • Check the air conditioning and heater- You don’t want yourself and your co-passenger to sweat or get the chills while driving in the extremities of climate, right? Therefore, either check the system by yourself or take assistance from a mechanic.

As a passenger

You must check whether other passengers are following the specified terms and conditions or not. If you are a woman and preferring your co-passenger from the same gender, ensure it is fulfilled. Many times, carpool comes with certain restrictions like smoking, eating or drinking, it is better to follow them and make sure they are followed by others too.

If you are carpooling with unknown people, it is essential to prioritize your safety first. If you get the opportunity to have a little chit-chat on our platform (with our internal menagerie) with your driver or co-passengers, utilize it to the maximum. It will help you decide the level of comfort with them which in turn will make the journey more enjoyable.

Apart from these, ensuring that the car is clean enough to spend a few hours is essential. Before getting into the car make sure that it is in perfect condition and is comfortable enough to encourage for more carpools.