Why carpooling should be encouraged in New Zealand (Part 2/3)

You would be pleasantly surprised when your research on carpooling reveals that carpooling actually gives you more freedom.

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The success of carpooling in NZ

Carpooling is catching up in New Zealand, and you must also consider whether you can take up carpooling as an alternative to driving the self-owned car for either daily commute or a long-distance trip.

Your significant concerns while carpooling would be:

  • Would it restrict your freedom?
  • Is it suitable for long trips?
  • Is it better than hitchhiking?

You would be pleasantly surprised when your research on carpooling reveals that carpooling actually gives you more freedom, is highly suitable for long trips and is markedly superior to hitchhiking.

Your research on alternatives would tell you that

  • Bus transportation is much cheaper but takes more time than your current commute and involves some travel on foot as well.
  • Taxi or Uber is prohibitively expensive although very comfortable
  • Car-pooling is picking up and looks appealing

Carpooling increases your freedom

Your primary concern of restricting your freedom gets debunked because you realize you have more freedom to do various other things in the commute time when it is not your turn to drive such as

  • Catching up on your reading
  • Completing tasks using your mobile or laptop
  • Socializing and building up new relationships
  • Reducing stress levels by sharing driving responsibility with others
  • Incurring lesser expenditure on fuel and maintenance

You can conclude that carpooling does not restrict your freedom but, on the contrary, gives you more freedom.

Carpooling great for long trips

Your second concern regarding carpooling that it is suitable only for daily commute is also misguided as you will find out that

  • There are people like you who would want to share a long trip – you could find families, couples, youngsters or other specific sets of people
  • They have your tastes and preferences for visiting a particular destination
  • The timing suits your own schedule
  • You could share the expenses on travel costs
  • You could build new friendships
  • There are carpooling resources that help you manage your trip as per the convenience of the participating car-poolers
  • Even if you don’t own a vehicle, you can use carpooling services

Carpooling is not only for commuters; it works great for a long-distance road trip as well.

Carpooling is better than hitchhiking

The third issue of whether carpooling is better than hitchhiking is still debatable, but each has its own plus and minus points as follows

  • As there is no certainty where the rider, with whom you are seeking a ride, is proceeding from, you cannot use the hitchhiking route for a planned journey. Carpooling is better for a planned journey
  • Safety is a factor in hitchhiking as it is an unorganized transportation system just dependent on the whims of each person – the hitchhiker and the person who offers the ride. Carpooling is under the active consideration of the NZ government for regulation although the present scenario for carpooling is well self-regulated
  • Hitchhiking is suitable for an adventurous trip with no strings attached and no specific arrival and departure times, and definitely not ideal for families. Carpooling offers the same facility with a much better probability of departure and arrival times including the destination

Carpooling is a much better option than hitchhiking.

Carpooling is good for NZ

From the above arguments, it is fairly clear that carpooling is a forward-looking resource that everyone must explore as you would be sacrificing a little for the greater good of the country and its environment. Besides, carpooling is just another way of transportation.