Why we offer Ladies only rides?

The ladies only rides are carpooling rides which guarantee an all ladies team – right from the driver to the passengers.

Three Women Sitting In Rear Seat Of Car On Road Trip

In any society especially in a progressive democratic one, people have choices. People want to exercise their right to choose, and the same goes for carpooling. While New Zealand is a very safe country and carpooling has caught on, there are some women who feel more comfortable carpooling or sharing a ride with other women only rather than with a mixed group of men and women. Perhaps, they are more at home when they get an opportunity to meet other women. They can reminisce more freely in the company of other women. Thus, ladies only rides are a welcome option for women who want that choice.

What is Ladies only rides?

The ladies only rides are carpooling rides which guarantee an all ladies team – right from the driver to the passengers. Our platform offer these rides as a choice to women so that they can feel comfortable opting for carpooling. If these ladies only ride option is not available, the chances are that women who are wary of traveling with strangers may get back to using their own car. Thus, in order to maximize the use of our carpooling services, we offer ladies only rides. Of course, the assumption here is that women may want to share with strangers if all of them are women including the driver. This assumption is valid because women are conversant with sharing especially when they were dropping their kids to school in a carpooling format.

Why we introduce Ladies only rides?

In order to encourage more women to use our carpooling services and to dispel any fears of traveling with strangers, we decide to offer ladies only rides. We allow women to choose ladies only rides so that they feel more comfortable. The beauty of these rides is the fact that even the driver is a lady. The other significant reason is the fact that women have experience of using carpooling not so long back when they were in a carpool to drop their children to school.

How does it work?

Typically, our platform vets the users before allowing them the use of carpooling services. The vetting process include the creation of user profiles comprising

  • ID authentication
  • User rating system
  • Social media connections -Facebook Connect, LinkedIn connections
  • User bio’s and preferences after moderation

These parameters help to improve the trust factor and encourage women to use the ladies only rides to maximize carpooling activities.

Women who want to try carpooling can access the service on the website and choose the ladies only option. From this page, they can select the ride they want to travel in from the choices thrown up which may include the pickup and drop off point, amount to pay and level of comfort.

If a female driver has empty seats, she can offer a ride for female members only.

Organizing carpooling in a short time is possible as our platform technology helps drivers and commuters to connect very quickly.

Ladies only rides are an option that is useful to women who have apprehensions about travelling with strangers. These rides can help women to break-in to carpooling habit.