How to offer a ride?

When you are sign in, just click on Offer a ride, you will have to fill up all the informations as destinations, then we will automatically calculate the price (if you want you can adjust it), please add details to make sure you find the right person.
Last thing:Confirm that you hold a driving license and car insurance.
Then your ride will be published and all ridders will have access to your offer.

How to register correctly ?

Sign up & Login

Sign up :

From the homepage, go to the top left corner to sign up.

You can use your email to sign up or Facebook account, please fill up your profile correctly, it will help you to go faster

Login :

Choose between your Facebook account and email. Enter your login details and that's it.

If your lucky you already pre login in by your device

Complete your Profil

Your profile is the most important thing, please make sure you include as much details as you can.

When you are login, go back to Edit Profil and bring the best image of yourself :

-Personal information should be filled up with care.
-Profil picture is the key of the success, please make sure you download a good ID photo.
-Preferences will help other understand your desire
-Member verification must be all green
-My car ,a photo will help the ridders to see if that suit them


How to find a ride?

 Search for Rides, please note that you have category on the left side to help you to get the right one.
When you select the most convienient ride, best is to contact the driver for all details and then you can book directly.
Enjoy your ride

General questions

What is Carpooling?

The concept of carpooling is really very simple! Instead of using your car on a personal basis to make your daily or one-time trips, you use your car to drive several people to the same place. You choose to be either the driver or the passenger transported. Saving time, money and sharing, carpooling has existed for 30 years but has only started to spread in several countries in recent years. It can be occasional or regular, over long or short distances. So do not miss this mode of transportation and get started!

Why Easy As is the best?

Great Team :
One night after dinner, we were sharing a glass of Pinot Noir on the deck and we were talking about businesses that exists in Europe but not here in New Zealand. Suddenly, one appears as an evidence : Carpooling!
Because, we all experienced carpooling in Europe, we thought that New Zealand should be using it more. Aotearoa needs to be greener and kiwis love sharing so it’s a perfect match, don’t you think so ?

Easy As Carpooling is giving you the opportunity to travel safe, ecological and economical and share a good moment on the road. Locals will be saving time and money and Travellers will meet locals and travel mates to share the trip with. It’s a win-win!
And the plus : we will all be protecting to environnement in a friendly way

Who are we ?

 Passionate people from Europe, we want to bring amazing service in New Zealand and give people the opportunity to travel around Nz with travel mates as well as People to traveller faster and cheaper in their everyday life…
Let’s bring good transport in Aotearoa and take care of our beautiful environment.

Why Carpooling is social?

Sharing a ride offers the opportunity to meet other people and even make new friends.
Travelling around New Zealand can be expensive, not easy and lonely. If you bought a car and van and want to share experience and save money , here is the clue
If you don’t feel confident to drive, meet great people and share their cost
Commuting can often get lonely, especially on longer routes. Carpooling with colleagues or friends can be fun and relieve you from loneliness.
Another indirect benefit of carpooling is that you will get to leave office at the same time everyday, rather than when the work finishes.
Also, if you find driving to work stressful, carpooling can alleviate the frustration in travelling to and from the workplace. You may even find time to carry out other tasks during the drive instead, such as preparing for meetings etc

Why is Carpooling economical?

Carpooling allows you to share the cost of gas and parking,Ferry Crossing, Toll Roads cutting your expenses by nearly 50% or more; the more occupants in your carpool the more you save. Carpooling is also socially economical. Not only will you be saving, but you will also help reduce the costs we all pay towards the construction of new roads, road maintenance and air pollution related health costs.

Why is Carpooling Green?

 New Zealand has this great image of been a green country. Unfortunately, we know that it’s not as ideal as we would like. Easy As Carpooling wants to do something and be a active in the environment protection. By sharing your ride with other people, you would preserve your beautiful country too. Carpooling is the perfect solution to reduce your carbon footprint, carbon-emissions, traffic congestion and air pollution.

What about safety?

 Not only is travelling in groups generically safer than on your own, but with options like Driver and Passenger rating system, mobile and email verifications as well as ladies only rides, if you prefer to travel only with women, carpooling is safer than it was last time you checked.
One of the best things about ridesharing is that it literally reduces the number of cars on the road. And when there's less congestion, commuters there's typically less driving stress, less time spent behind the wheel, and less risk of accidents.

What happen if i cancel my ride?

The Driver and the Passenger agree to the conditions relating to the payment of any refund to the Passenger or compensation to the Driver (whether in full or in part) relating to the cancellation of a Qualifying Trip after the Booking Confirmation, are set out below:

Where the cancellation of a Qualifying Trip is caused or deemed to have been caused by the Driver under these Conditions, the Passenger shall be entitled to a full refund including the Booking Fee.

Where the cancellation of a Qualifying Trip is caused or deemed to have been caused by the Passenger under these Conditions (but without prejudice to the other provisions set out in these Conditions):

-If the Passenger cancels more than 24 hours before the agreed departure time, the Passenger shall be entitled to 50% refund of the Cost Contribution less the Booking Fee. As the result, the Driver is entitled to 25% compensation and Easy As Carpooling 25%.

-If the Passenger cancels 24 hours or less before the agreed departure time, the Passenger shall be entitled to a no refund and the Driver shall be entitled to receive the remainder of the Cost Contribution from the Passenger (that is 50% of the Cost Contribution).

-If the Passenger cancels on or after the agreed departure time or if the Passenger does not present himself or herself at the pickup point within 15 minutes of the agreed departure time, the Driver shall be entitled to receive the Cost Contribution in full less the Booking Fee. As a result, the Passenger shall not be entitled to any refund.

Any seats that become available following a cancellation by a Passenger under these Conditions shall automatically become available to other Passengers for online Booking on the Site and therefore subject to these Conditions.

What is the phone number verification for?

In order to increase trustworthiness, prevent typos and wrong numbers, any User can verify their mobile number. The User may do this by providing Easy As Carpooling with their mobile phone number, after which the User will receive an SMS with a 4-digit code which can be validated on the Site.
This service is free of charge, except for the possible cost levied by a User's mobile phone operator for receiving the SMS.

What is Ladies Only rides?

How does it works?

Our website allows many users to travel from one city to another, reducing their travel costs by sharing the road with others. Either you are the driver or you are sitting in the passenger seat. But traveling by carpooling means to take the road with people we do not know and it is not always reassuring. And while society does its best to ensure maximum safety, some women do not feel comfortable. Especially during a first carpool. On easyascarpooling.com we can now find an option called "Ladies Only", which allows you to take part in a trip 100% female.

If you are looking for a route, it is possible to filter ads to find only offers offered by female drivers. If you are the one behind the wheel, you must select "Ladies Only" when your ad is published and voila. A good idea to convince some hesitant.

Booking Fee

What is it?

 “Booking Fee” means the applicable fees or other relevant amount for the Cancellation Service.