How Carpooling Works

How Carpooling Works

Carpooling is about sharing one's personal vehicle with others to make a common car journey. It is a fast-growing mode of travel that complements all other forms of transport.
Participating in it is really simple!

You can choose to be the driver and share your car with other passengers who are heading to the same location. Or, you can let someone else drive their car with you and others sharing the ride.
Carpooling is great for any distance, whether you are travelling from city to city or a short trip around town. haring a car journey can be a regular routine or a a spur of the moment trip.
The 5 benefits of carpooling:

Carpooling lets you make new connections.

Commuting can get lonely, especially on longer routes. Carpooling offers you the opportunity to meet interesting people and make new friends. Travellers have a chance to meet locals or other travel mates to share tips and stories with.

Carpooling saves the planet.

Sharing rides means fewer cars on the road, which means less carbon emission and air pollution. Fewer vehicles also mean less wear and tear to the roads, saving taxpayers’ money

Carpooling saves you money.

Save money by splitting the cost of petrol and tolls among your carpool passengers. The more people you have, the more you can save.

Carpooling reduces commute time.

Traffic congestion is becoming a serious problem for many cities across New Zealand. Fewer cars on the road will help ease traffic and reduces the time stuck in traffic. By Sharing a ride you will be able to use all the T2 and T3 Lanes.

Carpooling allows you to be productive with your time on the road.

For many of us who drive to work alone every day, so much time is wasted sitting behind the wheel. Being a passenger allows productive time to check and answer emails, make phone calls or get some much-needed sleep before you start work.